(PKD) Polycystic Kidney Disease…. and me

I have kidney disease. I’ve talked about it before, and how my Mom had a transplant but until now I’ve been completely fine! Until now…


It started Saturday morning. I was feeling great! Just taught BodyPump and was almost through teaching Cxworx. We were face down on the floor at the end of the class doing a funky airplane move and I felt it… my kidney, pushing into the floor! Now I’m no kidney expert, but I don’t think you should feel your own kidney pushing into the floor right? It felt uncomfortable, tight and plain wrong. Something wasn’t right… I knew it immediately. I stopped doing the move, we stretched and the class ended. I drank my shake and headed home. Once home I sat on the couch with Pixel and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and felt awful… I went back to bed and stayed there for 3 hours. I slept in the middle of the day and basically just crashed out for the whole weekend really!

Monday I went to the doctors. I felt a bit better but still swollen and not myself. I didn’t see my usual doctor and the doctor I saw was concerned about the swollen mass my in abdomen and it was big and wasn’t where my kidney *should* be. Did you see the size PKD kidneys can get (above)? They can get HUGE! Anyway I went for the tests she ordered: blood, urine and CT. And 5 hours later got the exact diagnosis I thought originally: it’s the PKD

So now I’m referred to a nephrologist who I see on Thursday and I guess we’ll see what happens from here. This could just be a hiccup in the disease or a progression, the nephrologist will be able to tell us more Thursday. I’m still experiencing some discomfort so I’m taking the week off from working out and from classes. I guess now I have to start keeping track of my BUN, Creatinine, GFR and more! One thing I also found out this week is I have cysts on my liver also. The double whammy! Go me! I’m such an overachiever 😉 So if you want me I’ll be sitting at home or walking the dogs, basically taking things easy and trying not to put any pressure on my kidneys. Oh and drinking a LOT of water trying to flush things through my kidneys. And researching!!! So much information out on the internet now. I already do lots of the suggestions but I having the liver cyst has been new and so I’ve had something new to research.

I’ll post more information at the end of the week, as soon as I find out…

I guess this free time does mean that I get to get ahead with college work, and clean the house (slowly!). I know that things will probably be changing for me in the future and that’s fine… I’m open to change in order to be healthier. There is no “getting better” from PKD it’s incurable. 


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    Hi! I came across your blog through FitApproach.com. I’m sorry to hear that you are sick. My sister-in-law has PKD and she was able to have a kidney transplant about 7 years ago. Her twin sister and brother also have PKD and both were able to receive transplants as well. I am always amazed at how much my SIL can endure. Before her transplant, she spent hours a week in dialysis and she always has such a calm spirit and is at peace. She’s never been begrudging about her condition and has never played victim to this awful disease. Because of this, I don’t quite know just how painful it can be, but I pray for your health and that your treatment will help manage your PKD so that you can get back on your feet. Take care!

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      Hi Paula!
      I’ll be updating on my nephrology visit soon but just wanted to say thanks for the comment. I had a brief 30 second pity party Monday when I got back from the hospital but since then I’ve just focused on trying to get better and continue to improve every day. Some things ARE going to have to change lifestyle/work wise due to it being uncomfortable to move but in all I want to do as much (if not more) than I did previously. It will just have to be ‘different’.
      My Mom had her transplant in 2011 and has been so health. But my Mom has endured a LOT in her life not just the PKD and she pushes through every time. Glad to say her tenacity gene also came through as well as the PKD! :)

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