CXworx 11 playlist



Ok I posted the new BodyPump release on Saturday so I figured I’d post the CXworx today :) This release has some fun music and great new moves. I especially love track 3 “BOOM” just gets me fired up and the choreography is GREAT!



Songs available on Amazon:

  1. Turn Up the Music
  2. Leave the world behind some fun remixes available as the mix Les Mills uses seems slower.
  3. Boom – not the same mix, this is the original (not as good IMO)
  4. I found you
  5. Music Matters
  6. Galaxy – original not available just covers :(

I miss iTunes playlists but it’s just not working for me (again!)! Not sure still if it’s me of just not longer a feature on iTunes

BodyCombat 56 coming soon!

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