CXworx 11 playlist



Ok I posted the new BodyPump release on Saturday so I figured I’d post the CXworx today :) This release has some fun music and great new moves. I especially love track 3 “BOOM” just gets me fired up and the choreography is GREAT!



Songs available on Amazon:

  1. Turn Up the Music
  2. Leave the world behind some fun remixes available as the mix Les Mills uses seems slower.
  3. Boom Рnot the same mix, this is the original (not as good IMO)
  4. I found you
  5. Music Matters
  6. Galaxy – original not available just covers :(

I miss iTunes playlists but it’s just not working for me (again!)! Not sure still if it’s me of just not longer a feature on iTunes

BodyCombat 56 coming soon!

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