TBT Underwood Farms 2005 part 2

Last week I shared some photos of Underwood Farms 2005 and this week I’m doing part 2. One of the reasons I chose Underwood Farms to practice photography was the animal center as I knew they had a lot of goats. The farm practices sustainable agriculture so the animals do their part in that as well as proving income for the farm.

underwood 2005  goat21

I love goats, seriously. I love all animals though so it’s not a stretch to include goats in that ;) They are just so funny. If you get chance stand and watch them for a while, they are so cool.

underwood 2005  goat 23

Like all animals they have their own personalities and they tend to be narcissistic and funny! This guy literally loved showing me all sides of his face. While he was sitting on an old truck!

underwood 2005  goat 22

This mom and baby were up on the walkway, they did a great job at Underwood farms with the goat enclosure. Providing them with lots of room and stimulation.

underwood 2005  goat 8

Hey, you with the camera! What you looking at them for? Look at ME!

underwood 2005  goat 2

Too funny! Goats come in all colors too!

underwood 2005  7

With distinct markings like this guy and his beard.

underwood 2005  5

Nope get THIS side, this is my good side!

underwood 2005  3

I don’t know why but the fact they are wearing collars seems cute too!

underwood 2005 9


Planning some adventures in the future weeks. Starting in TWO WEEKS with the IDEA WORLD FITNESS CONVENTION! WOW that came around quick huh? Hotel booked, almost got work covered, Bob is looking after the dogs. Now I just need someone to look after Bob ;) LMAO!

15 minute med ball HIIT workout

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 thumbnail

Happy Wednesday! Workout Wednesday! So yep another workout, another video, another workout breakdown. This weeks workout is a medicine ball workout and I was given a med ball to review from Rep Fitness, so look for that review coming soon. I’ll be doing more videos, and more med ball workouts soon. I was sweating buckets after this workout, and my arms were shaking so I’d say the 14lb med ball did it’s job!

The workout has 4 exercises, each having 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of ‘rest’ which is really just a transition time between exercises. The workout has 3 sets of work, but feel free to do more/less depending on how much time you have. Remember if you want to get the videos straight away subscribe to my youtube channel!  The full video is below:


Workout Breakdown:

The first exercise is QUICK FEET. Ball on the floor and you’re going to quickly tap the left foot on the ball, then change with the right. Keep nice and light on the feet, and don’t land to heavily on the ball. 

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 quick feet

After quick feet we take that 15s transition and move into SQUAT PRESS. In the squat press you begin by holding the ball at the chest, sit into the squat, stand up pushing the ball overhead then return to the starting position. These are crossfit wall-balls but I don’t have a high enough wall, we live in a ranch style house, so this is the best I can do outside :) In the squat try to sit down with your hip crease below your knees.

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 squat press

Next up is core, and MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS using the ball. Ball is down on the floor, both hands are on the ball and feet are stepped back. Alternating knees come into the ball, keeping the back flat and abs engaged. For an added cardio burst do them quickly!

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 mountain climber


After the mountain climbers we head back into a cardio move BURPEES! With the ball though! So go through your burpee as usual but holding the ball at all times. Drop down hands on ball, jump legs back, jump in, then pick the ball up and lift overhead. Repeat!

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 burpee


Finally we finish with SEATED TWIST for an ab blast! These are HARD with a 14lb med ball! My arms and shoulders were on FIRE! Thought I had already done bodypump and yoga so…

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 seated twist


Repeat each exercise for 45s each, and 3 sets. and that is this weeks workout!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Meatless Monday: Golden Road

goldenroad 2014 july A

This week for meatless Monday I wanted to share my review of Golden Road pub, where we ate Saturday. This was my first time at Golden Road, but Bob eats here a lot as it’s close to his work, which is the reason we were going as we were popping into his work after our swim lesson so he could tie up some loose ends, and I got to eat at Golden Road, so good deal! Golden Road is located at 5410 W San Fernando RD, Los Angeles and is open - 11am-2am Wed-Fri / 10am-2am Sat / 10am-12am Sun / 11am-12am Mon-Tues. Along with the beers they have food, and a selection of vegetarian and vegan options. 

goldenroad 2014 july B

I ordered the IPA flight and the classic vegan burger, with avocado. There were tons of vegan options on the menu which made a nice change, and a full menu can be found online so you can check beforehand.  The beers were delicious. I definitely recommend the flight of IPA if you’re a hop lover like me…

goldenroad 2014 july c

From left to right they got stronger in ABV. The left was the hoppiest one of the four IMO, and I forget the name of it… then there was point the way IPA, heal the bay IPA and wolf among the weeds IPA. All were very drinkable. And drink them I did! 

goldenroad 2014 july d

They were small, but that world among the weeds was 8% so they packed a punch. Good job the food came to soak the alcohol up! We both had the vegan burger with fries.

goldenroad 2014 july e

As vegan burgers go, it was very tasty and I’d have it again. There was a BIG portion of fries too! For a vegan pub lunch this was delicious.

goldenroad 2014 july f

In all I liked Golden Road very much and I’d definitely go there and try some of their other vegan food options, and more IPA ;)



Grocery Shopping July

This month there are five Fridays so the round up for the month will be next week I guess. This week I had tons of groceries left over and so didn’t need much.

Monday 21st July – Trader Joes $15.62

  • Bread x2
  • OJ
  • Lettuce
  • clif bars x4

Well I got my split pea soup made last week with the recipe from Follow Your Heart, but it was a little bland. The recipe called for russet potatoes and honestly I think they are pathetic as potatoes go, so next time I’m using yukon golds. Russet potatoes just make things too starchy and bland. I still have the ingredients for a corn chowder in the book so that will be next! The total for this week is $15.62 putting  me on track for July considering it’s a long month.

Weekly Totals – Goal $87 week.

July = $

Week 4 = 15.62

Week 3 = $112.17

Week 2 = $71.51

Week 1 = $106.83 

June = $349.83

May = $412.96

April = $389.98

March = $330.97

February = $347.49

January = $395.87


Are you meat free on Mondays?


Project Life 2014 week 29 - changes!




projectlife2014-week 29


I’m loving the green theme for this weeks pages. Not sure what happened there as it wasn’t planned but it seems to flow nicely. Week 29. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by! Especially as SEVEN weeks today Bob will be doing his first triathlon!!! If you feel inclined to donate, here is his donation page, don’t forget it’s tax deductible and goes to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is where we went this week for a screening of the movie “BoyHood”. Wow such a great movie, and what a concept? It took 12 years to make as ALL the cast is original, including the boy, who you follow from 6 -18 yrs old. We had a Q&A with the director/write and cast afterwards. So enjoying being BAFTA members.

projectlife2014-week 29A


This week we tried “Sub Zero” and it wasn’t good honestly. Won’t be trying it again. I bought fresh lychees from Trader Joes and the Chicks are growing up fast! Sky has been suffering with the heat, and old age. She sleeps a LOT these days. As I haven’t included photos of her lately I figured I’d sneak one in this week. We launched Body Pump 90 and Cxwrox 15 at Golds Gym, it was TOUGH! I was exhausted for swimming later.

projectlife2014-week 29B
Sunday we took a trip to the Getty Villa after swimming. I had to go for a college field trip for my world history course. It was interesting but man a real trek in the heat. Speaking of which it’s getting HOT here in So Cal! Summer arrived with vengeance. If we thought it was hot already mother nature showed us it can get hotter. That’s not gonna help the severe drought any is it?


Blog posts this week:

I mentioned last week that I’d made some decisions regarding the remainder of 2014, not taking on any college courses in fall. Well I took on another class at Golds Gym. I’ve been subbing it for 2 months and now I’ll be taking over Friday morning completely. This week I officially finished Summer college semester and I’m into planning for August and beyond. That means it’s 2 weeks (and a few days) until IDEA!!! I’m gonna be BURSTING with information and inspiration coming back from there. I’ve got some opportunities ahead too that I’ve previously been too busy for, well NOW is the time!

Meatless Monday – veg and rice bowl 

12 minute hiit workout

TBT underwood farms


One Little Word 2014 – Thrive

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to include the OLW posts into project life and never got around to it, I wanted to keep it here so it was in my mind and I could reflect on my word each week and how I’d thrived.

  • Yoga – I almost skipped this week but didn’t, and it felt good!
  • Making decisions to THRIVE moving forward
  • Date night – some good movies lately!
  • Making changes
  • Streamlining my life

Blog Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some search terms that people found my blog from, so here are some interesting search stats for the last 7 days:

motivation to make love – awkward!

surviving on $35 a week for groceries 2014 – I post my list every week (ok been a bit lax lately but getting back on it!)

i dont like the new cxworx – me either. I like 1,2 and 5 the rest = blah! You can leave your feedback on their website

zumba great falls – hahahha I might google that myself!

yucca gower – no idea?


More project life every Sunday!

TBT - Underwood Farms 2005 part 1

So back in 2005 when I got what I call my first ‘real’ camera I used to go on field trips. I’d assign a day when I’d take a morning/afternoon and visit a local park or nature trail and take tons of photos. Since I got my iPhone I don’t do that anymore. It’s just as easy to whip out my phone, though the photos are nowhere near as good. Reason being is the zoom, iPhone zoom sucks. I love the farm because of this…

underwood 2005

My favorite things, fresh air, beautiful scenery and food! Hahaha! I’ve written about my first trip to Underwood farms (where a cow tried to eat my bag) and I still love it there. It makes me kinda sad to see how much it’s changed though. Now they do more pony rides, and even an animal show at the weekends :(

underwood 2005 horse

I admit I haven’t been there to the animal center since 2005 so maybe I should go again before passing judgement? Perhaps time to charge up the camera and get some photography shots again!

underwood 2005  cow

I love this shot of the turkey. I seem to have a thing for textures. I love the texture of all the folds.

underwood 2005  turkey

‘Course there are chickens too. As they sell farm fresh eggs!

underwood 2005  chicken 2

This one had it’s eye on me! It’s like a dalmatian chicken!

underwood 2005  chicken  3

I think this one is prettier though

underwood 2005 chicken 1

They were pretty tame, really used to people walking through their farm I guess!

underwood 2005  chicken  4

Saw this and couldn’t resist! Catch ya later!

underwood 2005  chicken 4

12 minute HIIT workout

12 minute hiit 20140723 thumbnail

Wow this one was a tough one! I’ve been wanting to do more cardio lately, as I have a 5K race coming up in August and honestly I need to more more high intensity cardio rather than just spinning which I seem to have a lot of lately. If you try this workout you’ll see that all you need is 12-15 minutes! Seriously, just workout as  hard as you can in those 12 minutes and you are DONE. I was a hot sweaty mess after this workout, though I was doing it outside in 97 ° beautiful sunshine! The HIIT should help with my swimming too, so BONUS!

The workout has 4 exercises, each having 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of ‘rest’ which is really just a transition time between exercises. Remember if you want to get the videos straight away subscribe to my youtube channel!  The full video is below:

Workout Breakdown:

The first exercise is JUMP ROPE, or as we call it in England skipping. I’m using a beaded Jump Rope which you can get pretty cheap on Amazon or Target. The one I used is the Gold’s Gym brand, which I got from Walmart for around $10.

12 minute hiit 20140723 jumprope


Next up is the PIKE PUSH UP. This is a great body weight exercise for the shoulders. The shoulders get a workout in a regular push up the medial deltoids and lats really come alive in this one. Basically you’re in an upturned “V’ position, long arms and legs. Butt stays nice and high while you lower the crown of your head to the floor.

12 minute hiit 20140723 pike push up


From shoulder burn to leg burn, we go into SQUAT JUMPS. 45s of these seems like forever!!! Sit back into the squat, touching the floor if possible, then explode up jumping into the air reaching the arms up.

12 minute hiit 20140723 jump squat


Lastly there are BURPEE JACKS. Like a regular burpee you come down to the floor, and jump the legs back into a plank. There you do a plank jack, jumping the legs out and in. Then jump the legs back in, come to standing and do a regular jumping jack. So there are two jacks per burpee.

12 minute hiit 20140723 burpee jacks


Repeat each exercise for 45s each, and 3 sets. and that is this weeks workout! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Meatless Monday: Mixed Vegetables and Rice Bowl

Meatless Monday is BACK! I’ve missed a couple of weeks but here today and ready to catch up. Each week I want to either do a review or recipe and today we have a recipe!!! I know… go me! I’ve been inspired by instagram and pinterest. I’m a simple cook, I like things quick and easy so this mixed vegetable bowl with rice is perfect and takes less than 15 minutes, with a bit of prep.

MM - veg bowl and rice July 2014 2

I like things in one bowl as it reminds me of the veggie bowls at Veggie Grill, plus less washing up!!! I’m all for less washing up! Usually I’ll cook a bigger batch of rice the day before and refrigerate it so I can make this even quicker. That cuts the cooking time half, so I’m all about that ;) When I’m hungry don’t get in my way!!!!

Mixed Vegetable & Rice Bowl
Serves 2
Delicious hearty vegetables, mixed with lentils and rice.
Write a review
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
1046 calories
195 g
1 g
7 g
53 g
1 g
929 g
776 g
18 g
0 g
5 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1046
Calories from Fat 64
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 7g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3g
Monounsaturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 1mg
Sodium 776mg
Total Carbohydrates 195g
Dietary Fiber 51g
Sugars 18g
Protein 53g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
For the rice
  1. 1 cup Rice
  2. 1 cup water
  3. 1 cup vegetable broth
For the vegetables
  1. 1 1/2 cups pre-cooked lentils
  2. 2 zucchini
  3. 2 cups spinach
  4. 1 1/2 cups mushrooms
  5. 1/2 bell pepper
  6. 1 cup corn
  7. 1/2 cup Low sodium, no fat marinara sauce
  8. Sesame seeds to garnish
  1. Cook rice in rice cooker with water and broth.
  2. Cut zucchini, spinach, mushrooms and pepper into pieces, add to pan with the corn and cook with a little water for about 5 minutes, until zucchini is cooked through.
  3. Add lentils to warm through.
  4. Add the marina to the pan mixing thoroughly.
  5. Prepare bowl, putting serving of rice to one side and vegetable/lentil mixture on the other side. Garnish with sesame seeds..
  1. To save time, cook rice the day before and refrigerate until needed. Reheat in microwave, adding a few tablespoons of water to prevent drying out.
Work Out With Di http://www.workoutwithdi.com/


MM - veg bowl and rice July 2014 1


What do you think of the recipe format? I added a plug in to make things look a little better. Still playing around with some new things so bear in mind fonts/colors/themes are gonna be changing while I find something I like. Let me know if you try the recipe I’m always eager to hear what people think. Also I buy pretty much everything from the local farm, or Trader Joes. So the precooked lentils and marinara are Trader Joes.


Grocery Shopping July

Damn it’s been a while! I haven’t updated this since JUNE came to an end. Thankfully I did keep all my receipts on the fridge so I have my weekly totals to fill in. Rather than do a boring long update on everything I bought the last few weeks I’m just going to do LAST WEEK and then just add the totals for week one and two.

Friday 11th July – Trader Joes $36.76

  • Beets
  • Lentils
  • Mushrooms x3
  • Spinach
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Oatmeal
  • OJ
  • Tofurkey slices
  • Tofurkey sausage
  • Peanut Butter
  • cranberry juice

Tuesday 15th July – Trader Joes $75.41

  • Mushrooms
  • zucchini
  • almond milk
  • OJ
  • Choc Soy milk x2
  • Cabbage
  • green onions
  • celery
  • Russet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Bell pepper
  • Carrots
  • Cashews
  • peanuts
  • Olive oil wrap
  • fries
  • corn x2
  • peas
  • mango slices
  • hummus
  • crushed garlic
  • grapeseed oil
  • lychee
  • watermelon
  • bananas
  • bread

All in all I’m on budget for the month IF I could just get my ass in gear and make food from scratch! Right now I am cooking soup so that’s something but more cooking needs to be done. I want to get waffles done and frozen again, and start doing pancakes too. More cooking needs to be going on my kitchen!!!

Weekly Totals – Goal $87 week.

July = $

Week 3 = $112.17

Week 2 = $71.51

Week 1 = $106.83 

June = $349.83

Week 4 = $83.73

Week 3 = $104.02

Week 2 = $00.00

Week 1 = $162.08

May = $412.96

April = $389.98

March = $330.97

February = $347.49

January = $395.87


Are you meat free on Mondays?

Project Life 2014 week 28 - busy life


Whoa. Crazy week! I was so busy that I totally spaced out on my weekly Skype chat with my parents Tuesday morning!!! It was just one of those mornings and I’d arranged to get Pixel in at the vet (ear infection) and I just totally forgot. Somedays just end up crazy round here. Doesn’t help with the work we’ve been having done that I’m out of my routine as far as having garden/sun time.projectlife2014-week 28

This week was busy, yet we didn’t really get much done. I think it’s just one of those weeks that flew by in the blink of an eye, kwim? We got some swimming done Monday and Wednesday and even though I was tired I challenged myself to push Wednesday and beat my Monday time. Breast stroke is still swimming but I need to get in one or two solid days of freestyle/crawl aside from the weekend lessons. I love this photo of me and Pixel. He gets in some weird positions!

projectlife2014-week 28A

We went to Hugo’s for date night and I opted to try the meatloaf, but instead of the tofu I had veg patty instead and it was awesome. Definitely having this again. I also tried dried mango from Trader Joes, man that’s good! I picked up the parking permit for the RV while we had the concrete poured on the driveway. The chicks are growing. It won’t be long till they are grown and leave the nest. Around 12-19 days after hatching.

projectlife2014-week 28B

We got an email regarding the head mics at Golds. Basically advising us to get our own headsets at $100 a piece. Instead I did some research and got one for $40 on Amazon and it’s perfect :) Saved myself a bunch of money. Also while at the vet with Pixel for his ear I noticed a sheet of paper about dog aging. Sky is officially a geriatric!!! She’s been slow this week and had more bad days than good but still eager to go for walks, and to the park. She sleeps a lot though, and the heat isn’t really helping.

Blog posts this week:

I’ve made some decisions regarding the rest of 2014. The major one is that I’m not planning on taking any college courses in fall. This is because I’m going to take the fall and work on the blog, my online training programs, and writing projects. This is something I’ve been saying I’d do for a while but it’s just time. I need to focus on MY business and promotion. I’ll be going to IDEA in 3 weeks so I know I’ll come back from there with TONS of health and fitness inspiration and motivation to get this blog up and onto the next level! So don’t be surprised to see things move around over the next few weeks/months ;)

 8 minute core workout

TBT Peanut butter kongs

Playlist bodypump 90 & cxworx 15

One Little Word 2014 – Thrive

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to include the OLW posts into project life and never got around to it, I wanted to keep it here so it was in my mind and I could reflect on my word each week and how I’d thrived.

  • Yoga – after not being well last week I had a completely different experience this class :) Felt GOOD!
  • Making decisions to THRIVE moving forward
  • Date night – always enjoy this! Good food with the goofball I married
  • Feeling healthy after last week.
  • Ready to move into the 2nd half of 2014.

Blog Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some search terms that people found my blog from, so here are some interesting search stats for the last 7 days:

gardens by di thousand oaks – I have plans to share my gardening project again. Right now I have tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and okra growing. As well as oranges on the tree. My plan is to do one update a month.

pkd recipe for fresh kale – one of my plans for the future of the blog is to include more recipes, for vegans, for PKD patients and for anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle.

cap medicine ball review – I have more medicine ball reviews coming, and a grip review. I’ll be reviewing more products in the upcoming months too!

deramaxx for dog bee sting – Sky had deramaxx for her hips/back. I’m trying to keep her off meds as long as possible as they make her dopey! She sleeps enough already!

leg exercise beachball – I did two beachball workouts, go to my workouts tab. I’ll be organizing things better soon!

goodlife cxworx tracklist – new tracklists went up last weekend!

i want to be a zumba instructor but i cant afford it – call it something else.

More project life every Sunday!




Playlists for Bodypump 90 and Cxworx 15


It’s LAUNCH day for Les Mills programs at Golds Gym So Cal. I’m glad I waited till I’d taught this release to post this as I wasn’t loving this release but from the feedback I got yesterday I guess it was a hit with the members!!! As with all releases there is good and bad. I wasn’t sold on the partial ranges in this releases but it does switch things up so that’s good I guess?The playlist is below, and the full tracklist is available on iTunes.


bodypump 90

Warm up –  You make me : Avicii   Amazon/iTunes

Squats –  What Now : Rihanna   Amazon/iTunes

Chest –   Conquistador : Thirty Seconds to Mars   Amazon/iTunes

Back – Promises : Nero   Amazon/iTunes

Triceps –   Walk of Shame : P!nk   Amazon/iTunes

Biceps –  Miss Jackson :  Panic at the disco   Amazon/iTunes

Lunges –  Stay the night : Zedd & Hayley Williams  Amazon/iTunes

Shoulders – Thumbs Up [for rock n roll] kill the noise remix : Kill the noise & Feed me   Amazon/iTunes

Core –  Something I need : One Republic   Amazon/iTunes

Stretch –   How you Remind Me : Nickleback   Amazon/iTunes


I have to say that this is a hit and miss release for me. Sometimes the old ones are the best and we all have tracks we go back to playlist after playlist, because they WORK or are just FUN! This release IMO is saved only by track 2 and 5. The warm up is ok, same stuff at previous releases…. but 3, 4 and 6 are gone after 2 weeks for me. Track 3 is just so-so, but there are better tracks from older releases, track 4 is a great catchy song  but terrible choreography. Not sure what Dan and Susan were thinking with that one? Track 6 honestly those standing rows etc just don’t work for the average class member. Let’s go back to the old track 6′s of release 3 please! The playlist is below, and the full tracklist is available on iTunes.


cxworx 15


Warm Up – Counting stars:One Republic    Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 1 –  Spectrum:Zedd feat Matthew Koma   Amazon/iTunes

Standing strength 1 – A light that never comes:Linkin Park    Amazon /iTunes

Standing strength 2 –  Acapella: Karmin    Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 2 – Hello: Stafford Brothers feat Lil Wayne, Christina Milan   Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 3 - Hold on we’re going Home: Drake   Amazon/iTunes




What did you think of the new releases?

TBT - PBK - peanut butter kongs

I’m not sure when or why Bob and I started abbreviating frequently used words but it became a ‘thing’ and one of those is the PBK, or peanut butter kongs. Maybe it was a way to say things without the dogs getting excited? I’m not sure but they sure love their PBK. I’ve written about the Kong toys before here and filling here, but if you have a dog and don’t have a Kong go to Amazon now and buy one! Seriously so fun. Anyway onto the throwback Thursday which this takes us back to July 2005 and the first month I got my Panasonic Lumix, handily I had 2 photogenic subjects that just needed something to keep them busy while I snapped some photos.

july 2005 river 1

River loved her Kong. She’d just sit for AGES licking, constantly licking. Sky always tried to bite her way into the Kong but River ‘got it’. Slow down, take your time and savor the moment :)

july 2005 river 2

Talk about funny face!  Sometimes you just get weird photos when you have dogs :)

july 2005 river 3

Sky was always more reserved with food. Not anymore though since we got Pixel, because she knows if she doesn’t take it, he will! It didn’t take her long to figure it out though. The black things meant GOOD STUFF!

july 2005 sky 4

Unfortunately it was always gone too quickly for her liking!

july 2005 sky 5

Peanut butter is tongue smacking good though!

july 2005 sky 6