Project Life 2014 week 15 – poisoning pixel!



Ok the post of this post may be melodramatic but I did, I poisoned my dog. Tuesday I was eating a small sugar-free jelly/jello, and Pixel had a TINY piece, about the size of a gobstopper. Then suddenly it hit me, this contains Xylitol!!! It’s poisonous to dogs, like DEADLY poisonous! So I made a trip to the vet QUICK smart and they induced vomiting and long story short that was a lesson LEARNED and no xylitol will be entering this house again! If you haven’t heard of xylitol it’s in sugar free products like gum, candies and jello’s, as well as toothpaste and other toiletries. Even in small doses it can cause damage so please educate yourself on the dangers of this product, especially if you have dogs.



Ok so obviously Pixel was a low point this week but also this week we launched BodyPump 89 and cxworx 14 at Golds Gym. I tried a new protein powder with ZERO sodium and it tasted like ass. I think this is the universe telling me that powders just aren’t my path. I figured it was the first I’d seen with NO sodium and was worth a try but YUK! I played around with black beans as a dip for salads, and I think I’ll be making that again soon.



I am starting to make a concerted effort with my Youtube videos now. Trying to brand myself more and get the health and fitness message OUT THERE. This is something I am passionate about and helping people find their health and fitness path. I need to make a BIG push via youtube and get likes, watches, and subscribers. Pretty much the same plan I have for the blog, twitter, facebook and instagram.



I look at a lot of social media things and the one in black above made me think “where do I want to be a year from now” and “is that dream big enough”. I’ve been making small goals but I think I need to aim higher. Chalene Johnson says we need ridiculous long term goals that would just change our world then we need to strive to make them happen. Being sick again with my kidneys made me think more about what *I* want to do. I want to change peoples mindsets, educate them, make them think… so I need to start sharing more, being more open and letting others in. So look for more videos, post and social media stuff happening soon!

Blog posts this week:

Research mode is in FULL EFFECT! I have one webinar lecture to listen to also. I’m in that planning and squirreling away phase of a big dream ;) That said I got 5 posts done this week and I’m OUT of blog drafts so I see lots of blog prep in the future this week.

Meatless Monday – boca chikn patty
iTunes playlist – bodypump 89 & Cxworx 14
Workout Wednesday – 4/16/2014
TBT – notts castle
Fitness friday – burpee counts

One Little Word 2014 – Thrive

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to include the OLW posts into project life and never got around to it, I wanted to keep it here so it was in my mind and I could reflect on my word each week and how I’d thrived. This week was a wake up call. I woke up Wednesday after over 8 hours of sleep completely fully rested and healthy for the first time in a week. I literally bounced out of bed ready to tackle anything. I felt fantastic. This just nailed home that sleep, diet, hydration, sun, relaxation and exercise all play a synchronistic part in a health Di!

  • BFF lunch and workout together!
  • Listening to my body
  • Saying NO to the race last Sunday!
  • Hydrating
  • snuggles
  • getting some SUN!

Blog Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some search terms that people found my blog from, so here are some interesting search stats for the last 7 days:

playlist for les mills cycle class april 2014 – yup I posted that this week! See link above!

trader joes organic pizza crusts – I have to say I LOVE them! This week I had mine with zucchini, corn, mushrooms and peppers… I ate the WHOLE THING, no cheese. Vegan for the win!

feel like going awol poster – me too! I need a vacation!

vegans look weak – hahhahahaha yeah right! Have you met Chad Byers, or Derek Tresize? Seriously, google them!

spin slow climb song – love me some slow climbs! I find hard rock tracks really good for climbs!

grapefruit and pkd for 2014 – I JUST heard about citrus fruits and PKD this week! I’ll be putting more citrus foods into my diet for sure! 

Summer is on the way, I’ve already broken out the bikini’s here and got some sun!!!!

Fitness Friday: What if nutritional labels had burpee counts


I saw this fitspo recently and wondered if it really worked? Recent steps by the governments to curb the obesity epidemic has been to mandate calories for restaurants etc but that doesn’t seem to have made people stop and think. Would nutrition labels that had exercise burn requirements (burpees, running, etc) make people stop and think about what they were eating? To that end I bring you this exercise guide to common snacks.

*Calculation method: 1 hour of Burpees = around 600 calories or 10 calories per minute, approx 10 burpees per minute: 1 burpee = 1 calorie!

Chips 10z = 155 burpees

Chocolate Bar = 280 calories

100 calorie snacks = 100 burpees

Peanuts 10z = 161 burpees

Soda 12 fl oz = 138 burpees

Peeps (5 chicks) = 140 burpees

Cadbury Creme eggs = 150 burpees

Cadbury mini eggs (12) = 190 burpees

I don’t know about you but burpees suck! I don’t think I’ve met a sing;e person that likes burpees, I like them TO BE OVER ;) So yeah, this weekend think before you indulge!

Friday 11th April – Nothing but dog walks

This morning was supposed to be core class at college. My kidney is still not happy. I’m tired. PKD sucks. I’m drinking tons of water and peeing a lot. That’s about it. No energy for anything else :(

Saturday 12th April - BodyPump & Cxworx

Adele agreed to shadow me for the class and I really thank her a lot for that. I went lighter with my weights and just TAUGHT the class really, I was actually ok through bodypump but my kidney really felt it in cxworx. In hindsight I should have totally subbed out this class whilst I wasn’t 100%. I had Adele and Raul in my class but wow it was tough for me. In future I’m just going to sub the classes out when I’m not 100%. I didn’t really get chance to rest either as I had to do 2 hours volunteering at the butterfly exhibit at Moorpark Zoo (extra credit) then we picked up the race packets for tomorrows duathlon.

Sunday 13th April – nothing but dog walks

Today was supposed to be out third duathlon of the year. Saturday afternoon we picked up our race packets and in the evening agreed that we’d see how I felt when the alarm went off. Well the duathlon didn’t happen. It’s funny but I have a class member to thank for that decision. I recently told a lady that she shouldn’t be in cxworx due to her chronic shoulder injury, then I thought “wait I’m doing the same thing by pushing myself and not allowing my body to fully rest”. So I switched the alarm off, and called it a rest day.

Monday 14th April – BodyPump

Rested in the morning and then clients and classes. Bodypump was good. I went heavier than Saturday but not up to my usual weights. I am starting to feel better though!

Tuesday 15th April - Youtube workout

Well I planned on going to college and doing the lab, test etc, but had a vet trip instead and dog mommy duty. So after a few hours sitting and resting (whilst doing some research) I did my youtube workout for the week.

Wednesday 16th April – Bodypump

So today I went up in weights from Monday to my regular weights in most of the exercises. I am going lighter in squats as I’m noticing some form issues. I’m leaning forward in my squats so my plan is to go lighter to correct that and work on calf flexibility and range outside of bodypump. I’ve got to be honest I’m not digging the new release for squats, and lunges. Squats are too easy and honestly getting boring. Lunges are hard initially but I don’t like the speed of the bottom half “pulses” and I don’t like the word pulse either. It’s like bodypump is moving away from it’s roots. I absolutely LOVE the shoulder track though!

Thursday 17th April – Spin class

I’d planned on doing my workout this morning but caught up in a phone conversation with Julie, then it was college… before I knew it time for Spin class!

Did you workout this week?

TBT: UK 2011 Nottingham Castle

Throwback Thursday this week goes back to 2011 and sharing pics from our UK trip. Whilst there we visited some of our old haunts including a day out with Bobs sister, Zoe, to Nottingham including Nottingham Castle. The entrance to the castle isn’t all that grand but it’s a big place and great to see some of my old local history.
UK 2011 notts castle

 Of course Nottingham is well know for Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, so there are lots of references to that all around the castle and area, including some bronze sculptures.

UK 2011 notts castle Di

The old brickwork on the castle is amazing, some ‘new’ some really old. The old parts are kinda weird with tiny little doorways! I think Bobs 6 foot frame in this doorway makes him look like  a giant!

UK 2011 notts castle bob

 There are tours you can go on inside and around the castle grounds, we choose to explore on our own as we’d been many times before. Ye olde castle is pretty spiffing in it’s architecture!

UK 2011 notts castle2

 Of course the view from the top of the castle grounds is amazing. We had cream tea from the cafe and sat out on the balcony. The view of Nottingham is amazing. I love the mix of old and new. Like in the photo below, Old cathedral mixed with new office buildings. That’s something you just don’t see here in the United States.

UK 2011 notts

 Also the terrace houses. They have similar things here called townhomes but terraces are a WHOLE STREET of these. Made of brick. Just so many memories, looks like something out of Mary Poppins, like Dick Van Dyke is gonna be skipping along the roof tops singing in an atrocious cockney accent.

UK 2011 notts2

The Castle grounds are as much fun as the inside with playgrounds for the kids. Suitably they amuse the older kids too ;)

UK 2011 notts castle bob2


I’ll be sharing more photos from the past every Thursday, including more of England and our UK trips! I need to get some of my older photo’s scanned too! Those will be VERY fun ;)

Have you been to England?

Workout Wednesday: 5 minute Bosu interval workout 2014/04/16

Hey Guys! It’s workout Wednesday and I feel on the ball today as I have a workout up and ready to rock! Ok it’s kinda because I had some dog issues yesterday which resulted in me staying home to keep an eye on Pixel. I stupidly gave him a little bit of sugar free jello, then suddenly had an a-ha moment of “what sweetener is used?” and it was Xylitol! Which is toxic to dogs!!! So had to go get him to the vets and observed throughout the day. He mostly seemed pissed that he threw up his breakfast… anyway more on that soon let’s get to the workout!


Yep today we’re working out with a Bosu! If you don’t have a bosu then I highly recommend them! Especially if you workout at home, they are super fun. You can get them on Amazon (affiliate link). Here’s the video for this week:

For those that can’t view it you can go to my Youtube channel or see the breakdown below. Feel free to share the video link and I’ve made most the images pinable!

bosu_fitness_interval_workout_20140415-graphic The first exercise is the bosu squat. Instead of standing on the bosu why not use it as a weight! I go over a few options in the video!


Next up is a lateral switch. One foot on top and hop over. Work on speed!

Upper body on the bosu! One hand or both hands on the top. I go over both versions in the video :)


Soccer drill! I love doing this with a soccer ball or medicine ball so why not try it on the bosu. The bosu can’t move ;)


 So that was this weeks workout! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Get your workout in!


Les Mills BodyPump 89 & CXworx 14 iTunes music playlist


Yep it’s LAUNCH weel which means at Golds Gym we launched the latest Les Mills releases. BodyPump 89 and CXworx 14 will be on FIRE for the next two weeks! I have to say that this is probably not my favorite release. I think it’s going to have to be one of those classes you DO a few times before it grows on you. I will say that it was easy to learn though ;) The playlist is below, and the full tracklist is available on iTunes.

bp 89 playlist les mills

BodyPump was pretty easy to learn. I LOVE the shoulder track! Seriously! And triceps. Those two are my favorite. I also like the stretch track. Which is new for me. I think it’s because it’s a current song and just something that’s on my playlist right now anyway. Have you done the new bodypump release? What was your favorite thing? I know a lot of people are liking the back track. Nice switch up with the plate squat, gets the body sweating!

Warm up – Not Alone: Dane Rumble feat. Jupiter Project Amazon/iTunes

Squats –  Raise those hands: R3hab & bassjackers Amazon/iTunes

Chest –  Where did the party go: Fall out boy Amazon/iTunes

Back – Me & You: Nero Amazon/iTunes

Triceps – Applause: Lady Ga Ga Amazon/iTunes

Biceps – When we were young: The Killers Amazon/iTunes

Lunges – Burn: Ellie Goulding Amazon/iTunes

Shoulders – True Hardstyler [Silver Nikan Radio Edit]: Brooklyn Bounce & DJ zealot Amazon/iTunes

Core – La La La: Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith  Amazon/iTunes

Stretch – Radioactive: Imagine Dragons  Amazon/iTunes


Cxworx was a bit hit and miss for me this release. If you’ve done it tell me your thoughts. I kinda want to like the warm up but it just doesn’t ‘click’ for me. I love the song though! Track 2 I do like, I like the progressions and modifications. Track 3… not a fan. I don’t like the L-press. I’ve yet to see one class member do it correctly. Actually I dropped the band altogether at launch it was so bad. People were getting frustrated. There is just not enough time to set this move up and offer the modifications, because BAM you’re moving onto the next exercise! Track 4 I kinda liked. Track 5 was kinda boring for me and though I liked track 6 I’m not a fan of the moves. I like the rows but people just take the easy option for a single tubing row. Again this playlist is available on iTunes.

cx14 playlist les mills

Warm Up – We Own It: Calcium & Bliss Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 1 – I choose U [Fedde Le Grand Remix]: Timeflies Amazon/iTunes

Standing strength 1 – Fight On: Jean-Paul Parks Amazon – not available/iTunes

Standing strength 2 – Set it off [The fatrat remix]: Diplo feat. Laserdisk Party Sec Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 2 -Waiting all night: Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre Amazon/iTunes

Core strength 3 -How Ya doin?: Little Mix feat. Missy Elliot Amazon/iTunes


Happy new 2014 Q1 releases!!!

Meatless Monday: Review - Boca chickenless patties


Meatless Monday! Today I’m reviewing Boca Chik’n patties. After my review of Whole Foods Chickenless patties so why not try the original right? Boca has been around years and along with Gardenburger and morning star farms were one of the originals offering veggie food when we came to the USA in 2001.


From the packet nutrition facts a serving size is 1 patty (duh) and is 140 calories. I love that they state on the front of the packet the calories, and protein along with the facts: 55% less fat than chicken patties. You can see below that the fat in this has been reduced from 11g to 4.5g per patty.


 I’m kinda shocked that the sodium is still high. I swear the more I actually LOOK at these foods the more I realize that these are not foods I want to be eating. I also want to point out to new vegans that if you cannot be bothered to look through the ingredients list which may contain hidden animal products, then just look at the cholesterol on the nutrition panel. Zero cholesterol = vegan! If it has cholesterol it contains animal products somewhere.


Again the ingredients aren’t the cleanest of foods but this is a processed product and not something I’d eat daily, so that along with the sodium content means I let it fly.  I also love this panel below. Who knew that the BOCA vegan patty had more protein than the chicken patty? Hahaha guess that answers the question: “but where do you get your protein?”


Fresh out the package they look anemic but soon get golden in the pan, and don’t take too long to cook through.


I had mine with butternut squash fries and tons of veggies, it was delicious meal!


The chik’n is pretty good. No rubbery taste like some plant meats. The breading was ok too.


I can’t comment on how it compares to chicken as it’s been over 20 years ;) but I enjoyed the Boca chik’n patties!


Grocery Shopping

Ok first things first. I found a receipt from Whole foods I totally forgot about last week, so I’m including that in this weeks totals.

April 2nd – Whole Foods = $36.43

  • Beyond meat light season
  • Beyond meat southweat
  • soy yogurt x5
  • beyond meat crumbles
  • vegan burgers
  • vegan fish
  • vegan pie
  • lettuce

Ok so that was mostly stuff I bought for reviewing on the blog, trying new things out and just buying some things on a whim that I wouldn’t normally like the yogurts. I have to say though that the yogurts were delicious. I have a couple left still too!

April 7th – Whole Foods = $23.03

  • spring water
  • artichoke hearts
  • vega bar
  • vegan jello
  • rainforest bar
  • hemp seeds
  • protein powder pack

April 7th – Target = $63.32

  • frozen asparagus spears
  • frozen broccoli
  • frozen corn
  • frozen berries
  • hummus
  • earth balance
  • honey nut o’s x2
  • OJ x2
  • almond milk
  • soy milk
  • rolled oats
  • tortillas
  • flax seed
  • seaweed strips
  • apples x5
  • bananas x13
  • romaine lettuce
  • mushrooms
  • potatoes

All that equals a whopping $122.78!!! This has really motivated me to make lists and start menu planning again for sure. Even with all that we still managed to run out of some food and I have to go shopping today to stock up on things.

Weekly Totals – Goal $87 week.

April = $

Week 4 =

Week 3 =

Week 2 = $122.78

Week 1 = $95.48

March = $330.97

Week 4 = 13.97

Week 3 = $135.00

Week 2 = $110.03

Week 1 = $71.97

February = $347.49

Week 4 = $123.17

Week 3 = $74.04

Week 2 = $24.00

Week 1 = $126.28

January = $395.87

Week 4 = $110.51

Week 3 = $122.44

Week 2 = $ 86.59

Week 1 = $ 76.33


Are you meatfree on Mondays?





Project Life 2014 – week 14 – Hollywood 5k



Well as I already mentioned for much of week 14 I’ve been sick :( Things I wanted to document this week though aside from being sick were eating a pizza with no cheese, not even vegan cheese. I have to say I MUCH prefer it without the fake cheese. I’ve never really been a big pizza fan but without cheese it’s delicious :) My tastebuds are changing I guess? I’ve been vegan almost a year now so pretty expected.



Julie and I went to Les Mills Grit class. I went into Bobs work Friday so we could pick up the race packets over lunch, always fun going there. I managed to get a fair bit of work done too. However being sick has negated most of that… The race itself was fun. I liked the personalized race bibs, and the medals were cool in the style of Hollywood walk of fame stars. We noticed the cool metro station decor in Hollywood too. The ceiling was full of old film reels.




This week we saw Captain America too with Disney family. I tried lots of new foods which I’ll be reviewing in upcoming Meatless Mondays posts and I’m starting to take pics of some of my food favorites like the marinara, and guacamole I buy. Stuff I take for granted. I did find out that Underwood Farms is open again for business so I’ll be going there for some of my fresh veggies soon!




Blog posts this week:

Despite getting lots of blog PLANNING done last week I fell behind this week. Being sick sucks, that’s all I’m saying!

Meatless Monday – brown rice spaghetti
Hollywood 5k race recap
Workout Wednesday – 4/9/2014
TBT – gentle barn
Fitness friday – PKD strikes

One Little Word 2014 – Thrive

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to include the OLW posts into project life and never got around to it, I wanted to keep it here so it was in my mind and I could reflect on my word each week and how I’d thrived. This week wasn’t a case of Thriving but surviving. I wasn’t in the mood to do much and was too tired in general just keeping up with things.

  • Massage!
  • BFF lunch and workout together!
  • Listening to my body

Blog Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some search terms that people found my blog from, so here are some interesting search stats for the last 7 days:

vegan calisthenics workout – Search youtube for Frank Medrano!

cross stitch rida panels – OMG I have no idea how my blog turned up for that search! I used to do cross stitch YEARS ago

busy at work ecards – I love so funny!

“spinning playlist” turn down for what – love that song! I’m hoping to get at least one playlist up a month!

can you do cxworx when pregnant – no!

Four more weeks of the Spring college semester!!! Summer is on the way!!!!

Fitness Friday - PKD strikes!



Well this week was a little bit of a wash out fitness wise. I started feeling “off” on Friday and it was all downhill from there. I admit I don’t think some of my food choices helped (salt) and I did drink coke at the weekend too which probably didn’t help things either. Saturday we had the 5k race in Hollywood and things definitely went downhill from there. Last time I had kidney issues it was like I’d been hit in the kidney and total exhaustion, this time it came in waves. Sometimes I’d be fine, others totally drained. The pain came and went too. My feeling is that I picked up some bug during the week and it just hit my weakest point :(

Friday 4th April – nothing

Ok not nothing, I walked the dogs and that was it.

Saturday 5th April – 5k race and dog walks.

I already posted a race recap so today I’ll share my official race photo. I was so glad to have finished this race!!!!

Hollywood-2014-officialphoto-di copy


Sunday 6th April – dog walks

This was when I was feeling particularly crappy.

Monday 7th April – massage, bodypump & walks

I treated myself to a massage at Whole Health Medical Solutions in Thousand Oaks. I’d purchased it from bogopod a few months ago and it was due to expire so I needed to get it done. I booked it post race as I figured I’d need relaxing, who knew I’d be sick too? As always my shoulders and upper back were knotted to crap. I hold all my tension in my back. I definitely recommend Carol though if you want a deep tissue massage!

After the massage I dropped into Whole Foods and picked up some water and groceries. I’m going to flush this out my system. I think I’ve not been drinking enough water at all. By the time Bodypump came around at night I was feeling ok again. Weird waves of feeling good then crap. Ah well!

Tuesday 8th April – walks

College started again after spring break which meant no time today for exercise :( I’m really not liking Tuesdays for this reason. As much as I love learning being at college for 5 hours on a Tuesday is killing my spirit. I’m going to do an online course over Summer to fulfill my history requirement. This will hopefully also give me a break from being at college for a while too, I get to study according to MY schedule.

Wednesday 9th April – Bodypump, walks

BodyPump this morning. I love the people in this class. Busier class today too which always fires you up as an instructor ;) Felt good today till around 5pm then started dragging. Should have taken a nap! Ah well!

Thursday 9th April – BodyPump 89 practice, spin, walks

In the morning I felt ok so I did some BodyPump 89 practice at home. I ran through tracks 1-8 before I had to go to college. I am feeling confident with BodyPump 89, but I haven’t really been physically able to practice cxworx so that will be the test on Saturday!


After college I got home and napped for 2 hours. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. The exhaustion finally got to me I guess and I totally zonked out. I already had my alarm set for class but I was up before then to get ready for spin. In spin I was fine. Though all this water means I’m peeing like it’s an Olympic sport and I’m favorite for GOLD ;)

In all fitness wise a bad week. It just shows that a bug or virus hits people differently. I know it’s not been a true kidney disease problem as my appetite has been affected and my sleep. But these things attack us where we are weak. Bob always feels it in his back. This has made me more mindful of the fact that I wasn’t drinking enough water for ME and my issues. Things to address in future!

How was your workouts this week?

TBT: Farm Animals day – Gentle Barn 2010



Today is Farm Animals Day Founded by Animal Rescuer, Vegetarian and Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. As you’ll no doubt be aware I’m vegan for almost one year and vegetarian for 20+ years before that, so this day is special for me as it helps bring to light the abuse animals endure for food. National Farm Animals Day is a special and vital day to
raise awareness about the plight of slaughter animals, as well as to find homes for abandoned and abused farm animals.

One such place that we love is The Gentle Barn. Located at 15825 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita we’d passed The Gentle Barn a few times on our way to Rowher Flats to ride out dirtbikes. Our friend Greg had told us about the place and we’d seen their plight on facebook to save 100 dairy cows that were headed to slaughter that were PREGNANT. So we went down to check out the sanctuary for farm animals and donate $$ to the cause. While we were there it was Buddha the therapy cows birthday! Now not many places throw a birthday party for cows! Sadly Buddha has now passed away but as a therapy cow she bought joy to a lot of kids!
gentle barn - 2010 - buddha

One of the other great things is that you can FEED the animals. Note: As we learned from the other patrons, please take SLICED apples for the cows, they cannot chew the whole apples and try and swallow them whole. Also, most of the animals are used to people but there are a few that are still struggling to get over their traumatic history with people so please be PATIENT and understanding with the animals.

gentle barn - 2010 - cows

We saved our whole apples for the horses, who greedily gobbled them up!

gentle barn - 2010 - di - horse

Bob got in on the equine action too! I’d never fed a horse until this day, and it was… slimy ;) In hindsight I’d never fed a cow either! How weird is it that I fed a DOLPHIN before I fed a horse or cow?

gentle barn - 2010 - bob - horse

The farm has lots of animals that are penned and able to be fed and if you walk up the path there is another larger farm house with more animals that are roaming loose. Including sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, llama, peacock and they used to have an Emu called Yoda! On their website you can view their memorial page of the animals that have since passed away at the barn.

gentle barn - 2010 - di - sheep

I just LOVE animals, all animals and I loved being able to pet the pigs! How cool is that? I petted a pig! The weather was WARM and these guys were having a siesta in the cool barn. I don’t blame them one bit!

gentle barn - 2010 - di - pigs

There was one guy, Linus who was basking in the sun though! After he’d had a mud bath of course. Got to get those beauty treatments in! This guy was part of 400 animals rescued from a hoarder. Once sick, skinny and scared he now has a happy healthy life at the gentle barn!

gentle barn - 2010 - pig

If you are in the Los Angeles area I can definitely recommend going to the Gentle Barn and seeing the great work they do with the animals. They are open to visit Sunday 10am – 2pm and ask for a $10 donation. They are also available for  private tours, birthday parties and field trips.

If you live locally you can volunteer  your time as a horse groomer/walker, cow hugger (man I wish I lived closer!), barnyard buddy, or docent. Memberships are available too as are options to sponsor an animal from as little as $5 per month. Alternatively you can make a donation. The Gentle Barn is a 501(c)3 charity and all donations are tax deductible!

The best way to help though is to stop the need for charities like this by going vegan! Eating a plant based diet is NOT difficult and it stops animals being abused. If you cannot take the plunge 100% please join me in Meatless Mondays and take one day to refrain from meat consumption, improve your own health and the health of animals.

Have you petted a farm animal?

Workout Wednesday: Starting over :) 4/9/2014 5 minute workout

Ok Welcome back to WORKOUT WEDNESDAY! I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure I’d get a workout up today because as I mentioned I haven’t been feeling 100% but I did it! I’m happy because I’ve got 3 months of 5 minute workouts planned! I’ve uploaded the video to Youtube so if you haven’t yet subscribed to my Youtube channel then what are you waiting for? I’ll be posting new workout videos every Wednesday and hopefully doing more vlog posts.

For those that prefer a more visual blog post I’m going to break down the workout and moves below. Feel free to share the workout, video link, and my infographic :)


The first exercise is 45s of squats. These are a little different though. Hands above head, squat down. Place hands down (alternating) then reach back up, and stand up. This gives a little more OOMPH strength to this move ;)
Snapshot 2 (4-9-2014 3-52 PM)

After 15s of rest, we move into 45s of Jump Rope. If you don’t have a jump rope just jump on the spot and play pretend!
Snapshot 3 (4-9-2014 3-52 PM)

15s of rest before exercise #3 which is a crab. On all fours facing UP! Reach hand to opposite foot and switch!
Snapshot 4 (4-9-2014 3-52 PM)Mountain climbers complete the set with 45s of either strength or cardio mountain climbers. So many options I included 4 in the video.
Snapshot 5 (4-9-2014 3-52 PM)

Let me know if you like the video!