Spinning Playlist – August 2015

spinning playlist august 2015

Yikes! I really didn’t mean for it to be so long between spinning playlist posts. However let’s not dwell on my bad blogging and instead look to the future! (imagine that in a big booming voice because that’s how I intend it ok?) Seriously though I know a couple of you have hit me up […]

Review: Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

home gym essentials - cap barbell medicine ball

One question I get asked a lot as a Personal Trainer is “how do I get rid of insert body fat area here” but another question more relevant to today’s post is “what should I buy for my home gym?”. Well in the interim of a blog post series I’m working on, let me tell you one […]

Blogging tools: Goma Flexible Tripod


As I’m getting more and more into blogging, social media, and building my business online I’ve been sharing tools, tips, information and insights as I go. Right now I’m part way through an online course on brand building and loving every minute. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m ALWAYS furthering my education, […]

Review: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – August 2015


This week saw the arrival of my monthly beauty box from Vegan Cuts. I’m going to say right now that hands down this is the best box I’ve received from them. Which as I’ve loved all the boxes, and only had ONE product in the four months that I’ve been subscribing that I haven’t been […]

7 Things I learned from Zumba training


Ok so about three years ago I wrote a post on this blog titled “I hate Zumba”. It was one of the most controversial things I’ve ever written, with lots of comments, both agreeing and disagreeing with my opinion. But that’s what blogs are… opinion. You are entitled to a different one, you are also […]

Review: Trader Joe’s Organic Tofu Veggie Burger

Trader Joe's Organic Tofu Veggie Burger

Happy Meatless Monday! Today I’m reviewing one of the many meatless products from Trader Joe’s, the Trader Joe’s Organic Tofu Veggie Burger. It’s in the refrigerator section of the store usually with the Tofurky sausages, and slices, the tofu, and the meatless grounds. Basically, they are with all the other meatless shiz. They look kinda orange, […]

Blogfest Swag Giveaway

2015 blogfest swag giveaway

So I think I mentioned once or twice that I went to Blogfest recently? Well part of the whole event is swag. Stuff we get for Blogfest, stuff we get at IDEA World, or the expo. Now I like free stuff as much as the next person, but this year I found myself looking at […]

Blogging tools: Selfie Stick

Essential blogging tools- selfie stick

Earlier this year we took visiting family to Disneyland for the day. While there the new husband of our niece whipped out a selfie stick and took a pic of the four of us at Disneyland. It was a great shot. All four of us standing in the middle of Main St, and I knew […]