Definition Magazine 2014 Vol 3: Circuit training bodyweight workout

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So this week has been CRAY CRAY! Nope not particularly busy, in fact I’m actually falling nicely into a routine but from a weather standpoint. Since last Wednesday we’ve had a heat wave here in Southern California. Now it was already 90° daily so a heat wave has meant triple digits EVERY DAY since Thursday! Crazy. People always say they want the sun but this is ridiculous. My plants are melting, the dogs are miserable and honestly everybody I speak to has had enough. This has meant that I’ve not wanted to workout in the crazy heat because, well… this…

temperature 2014 sept

To give you an idea, this morning I got up at 6am to run with Pixel and it was already 81°. I know!!! Anyway I was racking my brain to figure out what I was going to do for a workout Wednesday post then I remembered I had one in the bag, that I’d forgotten about! It means no update to my youtube channel this week but definitely means I can post here on the blog, because it’s also a little brag :)

This follows on from recent posts about wanting to build on my brand and further my writing career. Ages ago I joined a facebook group for Vegan Ladies that Lift. From that facebook group has blossomed an eZine called Definition For Ladies. A great online magazine specifically for women (but men can read too!) who are into strength and plant powered diets. 

definition for ladies 2014-vol 3-cover

The editor, Christy, had seen my videos and workouts and asked me to do a bodyweight circuit for the Fall issue. I headed out into the back yard with my video camera as usual, and got Bob to do some photographs too, wrote up the article, edited some video and VOILA: A four page spread in the magazine!!! BOOM! :) It’s a surreal experience as it’s not my first time being published either physical or online but it is my first time in the fitness media. For those that don’t know I used to get published online and in print back when I used to do scrapbooking and cardmaking. I have quite an extensive portfolio for crafting ;) Seem like another lifetime ago now.

definition for ladies 2014-vol 3-article 1 sml


You can download the eZine at the website for free, or for a small voluntary donation. Plus the previous issues are available to download also.  Volume 3 features my awesome bodyweight workout but also has a focus on power lifting, marathon running, foam rolling, plant protein, vegan protein bars, beets, pregnancy, acro yoga, and three awesome transformation stories! As I said my article had photo’s and video and the video is below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for workouts and hopefully soon diet and fitness tips!

As this was my first time contributing to the magazine, and knowing how awesome the past issues have been, I was super excited to see my article.  So fun! It’s been such a motivating experience to put myself out there, to push my boundaries, and to get outside my box a little. This workout was based around principles of exercises for the upper body, lower body, and abs. Circuit style. You’ll have to read the article to get the full text but you can see the screen shots below the exercises included: Pike Push ups and Prisoner squats.

definition for ladies 2014-vol 3-article 2 sml

Followed by abs of seated twist. Then we repeat the upper, lower and abs starting with tricep dips.

definition for ladies 2014-vol 3-article 3 sml

Then a fun reverse lunge with knee switch. This combines a reverse lunge with a plyo lunge, evil, pure evil. Such a leg burner! Then the abs are side plank with knee lift.

definition for ladies 2014-vol 3-article 4 sml

Check out the article in Definition magazine for a full write up and check out the video! If you like the magazine definitely share the link to their website and youtube channel, and mine to! I’ll hopefully be writing again soon for Definition in the Spring. Currently I’m trying to get things ready for our England trip and get ahead with writing paid articles and preparing blog posts for while I’m gone.






Why did you choose a career in fitness?

20 minute interval workout 20140618 adductor

Last week I saw an interesting post on Discovery: why did you choose a career in fitness? – amazing answers. While reading there were answers of combating childhood obesity, sharing the love of exercise, improving peoples health and discovering a passion. So I decided to share MY story here on my blog. A few people know but I used to work for a big chain of Supermarkets in the UK called Sainsburys.

sainsburys chris J Dixon

Sainsburys Supermarket in Chaddesden, Derby, UK. Creative Commons Image by Chris J Dixon

I’d fallen into the job when I was around 19 and I went from part time cashier, to full time Delicatessen supervisor. Which as a vegetarian at the time was a little uncomfortable. But you see, I was all about the money then. I’d recently taken my driving test and wanted a car which I need money for, plus vacations etc. You take on one responsibility at work, then another and before you know it you’re in for life and signed up for full time, pension plan and all the other benefits. I was unhappy but so what, I was earning money.

So what changed? I got a cancer scare that snapped me back into reality and made me realize that I really didn’t want to end up working in that supermarket in another 20 years. I knew early on that kids were not in the picture for me so why was I content to be in a job I hated? Money wasn’t really that important, compared to satisfaction and enjoyment, and if I hated this job why was I so intent on moving up the management ladder? After I had my surgery I set about making changes. I had a long hard think about what made me happy. My best friend Jenny and I attended an aerobics class twice a week, and hit the weights at the gym on Friday mornings and that time made me happy. But how do you become a fitness instructor? As luck would have it one of the City Colleges had a course one spring, it was one night a week and a couple of Saturdays. I immediately cut my hours at Sainsburys to 30 hours a week, enrolled at the college and hit the books.

In July I passed my first certification. I applied at every fitness center in the City and surrounding area, and when Jenny and I came back from vacation I got my first fitness job the first week back. After a week I was subbing at most places locally and offered a few regular classes. I quit my supermarket job and never looked back.

I’ve taught classes in crappy studios with the worst stereos and equipment, with no music, in power cuts, in studios with no sprung floors, in community centers and church halls and I’ve also taught in some of the elite clubs that have been awesome to teach at. I’ve trained clients at all ends of the spectrum from weight loss to weight gain, to regaining health, injury rehab and to reach specific athletic goals. You don’t have  a career in fitness for the money, or because you used to be a cheerleader or athlete. You do this because you’re passionate about fitness. If you aren’t passionate about fitness you won’t be successful and you your clients will know.

di 2014 fitness career

The moral of this story is that you need to LOVE your career. Find something you are passionate about and that even if you didn’t get paid you’d still do it. That is your career. I’m not quite sure how I can make a second career out of puppy snuggling but if I manage it I’ll let you know!



Review: Medicine Ball from Rep Fitness

rep fitness


This post is a review of the medicine ball from Rep Fitness that I’ve been using lately in a few of my workout videos. As you know I like to thoroughly try out new equipment before I give it a review and as I’ve had this med ball for about 5 weeks, not counting time out at IDEA world fitness convention, it’s definitely been used a lot! Rep Fitness graciously provided this medicine ball free of charge in return for my honest opinion, which I give anyway, as you know I tell it like it is ;) I’ve already shown this medicine ball in my 5 minute medicine ball workout and my 15 minute medicine ball workout, so check those out for videos.


Firstly Ryan at Rep Fitness has been awesome to correspond with, if all the staff are like him then they are onto a winner in the employee stakes. Secondly, wow speedy shipping! We’d agreed on the 14lb ball as I already have a 4lb, 10lb and 12lb standard Cap Barbell medicine ball, and an 8lb sand filled Reebok medicine ball. I wanted to move UP baby, give me more of a challenge and Rep Fitness provided. As I said I’ve already got a few medicine balls but they are mostly ‘bouncy’ this one isn’t. It does have a little bounce but this soft type of medicine ball isn’t used for slams, it’s used for wall balls and weighted moves. 

15 min med ball HIIT workout 20140730 squat press

For me a big selling point is it’s grippy synthetic leather. No animals harmed! Awesome! The best thing is the quality though. Handmade, and double stitched. Even the logo is stitched rather than cheap print that wears off. Now obviously due to the weight of the ball, 14 lbs, it’s my biggest ball at 14″ in diameter. I actually like that though as it meant  I could use it for more than just standing exercises. My smaller balls are so tough to use for abs, yet this one was PERFECT! 



The fact that it’s heavy and soft meant it’s less likely to roll off on it’s own, yet still mobile enough to provide a balance challenge when on the ball. I’ve done so many workout exercises with this ball, and I admit that even though it’s not recommended I did slam it on the floor during one workout ;) What can I say, I’m a rebel. The ball is still in one piece though.



I loved doing ab exercises with this ball though. Much better than a stability ball and more versatile than a bosu. Usually I’d get the TRX out for these knee tucks but they were HARDER on the medicine ball! Guess I found a new ‘go-to’ piece of equipment! One thing I noticed from their website is that the balls are color coded by weight and they are all the same size! I really like that they are same size, that’s the one thing I really didn’t like about the bouncy medicine balls as once you move up to a heavier weight the ball is bigger and the exercises feel weird. Having the balls all the same size avoids that weirdness.



As I said mostly I’ve been using it for my own workouts but sometimes I just play around and after each workout I stretch or do some yoga. Usually I bring out the yoga blocks but I thought “hey this is about the same height as a yoga block!” so I used the medicine ball instead.



Definitely made the stretching more fun, and provided something to reach for. Handy to have when my yoga blocks are in the car or at a clients house. The ball never rolled off, and was easy to move to make the stretches easier or more challenging.



I especially liked the ball for the hamstring stretch as that’s an area I am particularly right in and having the ball to reach forward on was very helpful post-workout. Plus it made a good support for runners lunges.




I’m trying to remaster some yoga moves I used to do, one of which is the advanced bridge or wheel pose. I used to be able to do this so easily years ago but as with all fitness if you don’t use it you lose it. It might not seem like much but I liked the fact I could lie on the ball, get in position then raise up into wheel. I’m working on my hand/foot positioning as I get better and more mobile but it’s a start.



My honest review is that these medicine balls are awesome and I would definitely recommend them, plus Rep Fitness has been a great company to work with so check them out for home gym equipment at Rep Fitness.

5 minute medicine ball workout

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 thumbnail

Woohooo two posts this week! Amazing ;) Ok seriously though I am getting back on track!!! I’ve had a niggling shoulder and ankle injury but things seem to be getting better with those too. I know my body and it’s responding well to the cross training I’ve been doing with adding in more yoga and swimming which is GREAT! Last week I managed to do twisting half moon pose and this week I did crow and held it for about 5 seconds, no falling on my face. Loving yoga right now. I also did wheel for the first time in years, and some shoulder stands. It’s important with exercise to listen to your body daily, because what happens today may not be happening tomorrow!

In the workout video I did 4 exercises, and naturally the split squat was repeated on both sides. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with 10 seconds of rest. In the workout I used a jump rope and medicine ball. My jump rope is from Golds Gym and my medicine ball is the 14lb ball  from Rep Fitness. Total of  a little over 5 minutes. Remember if you want to get the videos straight away subscribe to my youtube channel!  The full video is below:


Workout Breakdown:

We start out with JUMP ROPE! I’m really loving jump rope lately. Great cardio, quick and easy and so many options. I talked above about listening to your body and this was a bad jump rope day for me. I just couldn’t get into a flow with it. Every day is different with our bodies. 

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 jumprope

After the jump rope it’s time for the medicine ball with a SQUAT & SHOULDER DROP. I had no idea what to call this really. Squat to pick the ball up, lift the medicine ball up to your shoulder then drop it behind you. Turn around and repeat but drop it over the other shoulder. This is a really functional movement and I loved using the 14lb ball for this exercise. If you don’t have a medicine ball you could use a sandbag or for a bodyweight version just squat.

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 shoulder drop


From functional to the floor with a PLANK with KNEES IN. This can be done in a TRX, using Val Slides or Stability ball but the medicine ball really adds a challenge! Place the lower shin on the ball and then bring both knees in towards the chest. Make sure hands are under the shoulders with elbows soft. Look down at the floor to avoid straining the neck. Bodyweight version: Mountain climbers, alternating knees into the chest, or the cheap val slides – paper plates on carpet floor ;)

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 plank knees

Back to the legs with a SPLIT SQUAT with the back foot on top of the medicine ball. I’ve done these on a bosu and they are challenging but this is a great exercise to really hit the glutes and thighs. I really like the added challenge of balancing plus the increased resistance in the working front leg. These are really going to help me build my leg strength at home :) I’m thinking of pairing these in a future workout with jump squats! Ouch! Already feeling that burn! Place the top of the foot on the ball and then bend both knees to 90°. These are sometimes called lunges, but really they are a split squat. I also love these in the TRX! Bodyweight: just place the back foot on the floor.

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 split squat


Finally we have a PLANK with TOE TAP. This is challenging just the plank with the toes on the ball. Holding the plank tap alternating toes down beside the ball. Aim for the ball to move as little as possible to focus on the abs, with little to no movement in the hips. Keep the hips at shoulder height. Bodyweight: Toes on the floor and tap out to the sides.

5 minute medicine ball workout 20140910 plank toe tap


And that is this weeks workout. This week is a full body workout with some cardio. It’s a little over 5 minutes, but you can choose to do more reps, longer intervals or for more cardio add jump rope in between every medicine ball exercise. These workouts are suggestions, remember to make the workout your own, it’s not set in stone!

Update: Los Angeles Examiner


I know deep down you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been for almost a week? Well, let’s just say that things sure got hella busy after I got back from IDEA world. Not only did I struggle to get back into a routine but I made some decisions about what direction I wanted to go in for the future. One of those was writing more. I’ve been writing more lately for clients on Elance and on Fiverr whilst trying to keep up with things here, and this month I also began a position as the Fitness Examiner for the Los Angeles Examiner.

Fitness Examiner Di Hickman

My page at

This really wouldn’t have come about had it not been for the lecture on Fitness Writing by Amanda Vogel at IDEA world fitness convention. At that lecture she asked some pertinent questions for us to assess where we were on our journey and I realized that aside from this website I had no other fitness writing online as proof, no portfolio.  Sure I was writing, but I was ghost writing. I’d written an e-book and articles from 500-1500 words but I had no portfolio with my name as the author.

How could I expect magazines and my peers to take me seriously with ‘ghost writer’ as my only position. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great way to get my feet wet, and to bring in some extra cash, but I needed a portfolio. Enter who I saw online,decided to apply and within a week I had written two articles. You all know I love to write, and I love fitness so this is a perfect match. Whilst I may not make much money with (we’ll see on that one I will keep you updated!) I will get the exposure and experience I need. They have an extensive writing ‘university’ online that I can learn from and I have the knowledge and education they need and together we can write great articles.

You can find my first two articles on already:

The pros and cons of planes of motion

10 tips for your first indoor cycling class

The future of

This doesn’t mean I won’t be posting here, it just means I need to get my schedule in gear to allow time for both/all writing positions. I’ll be updating with a link via social media to new articles, and I’ll post a link here on Sundays on my weekly round up posts… albeit I haven’t done last weeks yet! it’s on my to-do list right after working on a workout for tomorrow, right now it’s too damn hot out there! If anything I think this will motivate me to write more here and write more from the heart. I’ve made a few other changes recently and I need to blog about those, including a trip to ENGLAND!

More soon!


8 minute jump rope interval workout

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 thumbnail

Workout Wednesday and this week is a jump rope interval workout. I actually needed to do cardio so I incorporated this into my Tuesday schedule. Sometimes it’s tough to get a workout in, especially cardio, so these 10 minute workouts are awesome. I plan on doing this Wednesday morning before BodyPump class too!

In the workout video I did 8 exercises, and two of the jump rope exercises were repeated. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. Total of 8 minutes. Remember if you want to get the videos straight away subscribe to my youtube channel!  The full video is below: 


Workout Breakdown:

We start this workout with JUMP ROPE for some cardio. I mentioned in last weeks workout that I’d been wanting to do more jump rope so here we go! This interval is jumping with feet together. Please note that you need to keep count of the times you mess up! That will be important at the end ;)

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 jumprope SU

Second interval is SQUATS. I did ass to grass as I’m trying to work on my range of movement and honestly these are just better for me. If you cannot get all the way down go as far as you can with good form. 45 seconds!

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 squat

Back to cardio with some RUNNING JUMP ROPE. That means high knees running through the jump rope. This is a high cardio activity and harder than feet together. Again note how many times you mess up. I messed up once during this interval.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 jumprope RUN

Next is strength with REVERSE LUNGES. Stepping back into a lunge, then stepping the legs together and repeating on the opposite side. I like to keep my arms up to use some upper back.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 rev lunge

Ok it’s back to the JUMP ROPE with feet together just like the first exercise. Remember how many times TOTAL you go wrong!

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 jumprope SU

Time for some lateral movement with SIDE LUNGES. Stepping out to the right with a big step, and bending into the right knee, then push up to standing and repeat on the left. Keep the chest up.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 side lunge

Back to the RUNNING JUMP ROPE again for the last jump rope interval. Again keep track of the times you mess up. I messed up twice this interval. Sometimes it’s hard to get going with this one. once I’m going I’m usually fine.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 jumprope RUN

Final interval is OBLIQUE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. Start in a plank, the same as a regular mountain climber, but you bring the knee to the opposite elbow to add some rotational movement to the workout. Working in all three planes of movement.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 mountain climbers obliques

So that’s it!

Well kind of. How many times did you mess up on the jump rope? For every time you messed up you have a 5 burpee penalty!!! I messed up a total of three times so 15 BURPEES added to the workout.

8 minute jump rope pyramid workout 20140903 burpeesAnd that’s finally it! If you have more time repeat the workout doing as many intervals as you can. Or do two workout sessions a day. That’s what I tend to be doing lately.



Project Life 2014 weeks 32, 33 & 34 catching up!

projectlife2014-week 32

Oh Boy! I got behind in my project life digital scrapbooking pages. Thankfully because I kept the page simple and saved my template all I have to do is drag and drop the photo’s, add text, change a few colors and VOILA! Done :) So today I’m playing catch up on the last few weeks pages, so first here is week 32. Wait what? How is this year going so fast?

projectlife2014-week 32A

Week 32 I got sick. I already posted my race recap of the Arroyo Simi 5k, but I got sick the day before and whilst I felt better race day morning as the race progressed I got worse. This meant I spent the rest of Sunday hydrating and allowing my body to rest. One other major event of this week was me prepping for IDEA world fitness convention. I’ve posted my recaps of this, but I’ll do a post recap below.

projectlife2014-week 32B


 I also bought a couple of new tanks from Target after becoming abundantly clear I possess nothing fun in my wardrobe. Over the last few years I’ve grown more discontent with the clothing I have so a BIG clear out is long overdue. Putting it on the calendar for September.

projectlife2014-week 33

Week 33 was all about IDEA world fitness convention for me, while Bob stayed home and looked after the dogs. I learned a lot about myself, fitness, health and people during this trip. I came home with a greater understanding of myself and my purpose, and also what I want in the future.

projectlife2014-week 33A

Hearing the keynote speech by Diana Nyad was amazing. I really missed Bob and the dogs though. I did discover I don’t like expos. When they are quiet it’s ok but once it’s full of people I just don’t like the ‘closed in’ feeling. Plus I think it’s partly to do with not being able to focus on the sound. I struggle to differentiate sounds, similar to auditory processing disorder ADP. Drives Bob crazy sometimes ;)

projectlife2014-week 33B


I was sad to leave behind the lovely hotel room though! Definitely going to be implementing some of the hotel feel to our house. No more putting things off and saving everything. Time to declutter, tidy and get things how we want them.


projectlife2014-week 34

Week 34 and that means only 18 weeks left in 2014. Holy crap! This week I harvested food from the garden, including tomatoes! I love homegrown tomatoes and so does Pixel as he’s the one that’s been eating them all! Took Sky to the vet this week for her cough. Chronic airway disease again. She’s on three medications for a while. Since starting these she’s perked up a little, probably the steroids.

projectlife2014-week 34A

Saw a truck in Thousand Oaks with similar  vanity plate to Bobs, his stood for Navy Diver though. I Decided to incorporate a THRIVE one little word section into my pages. This week I THRIVED by buying a new yoga mat, jeans, t-shirt, watch and toiletries. Small things but they make my life brighter and make me smile. One thing I also bought was a new pillow and sheets for the bed. This definitely makes me happier!

projectlife2014-week 34BThe gate broke this week and I ate a ton of veggies. Loving just making things in a pan, throwing veggies in with lentils or beans, adding marinara and eating with rice or quinoa. Thats’ going to be great for winter!!!

Blog posts this week:

I’ll be honest I prepped posts for while I went to IDEA but when I got back I lost my mojo. I guess I was overwhelmed with information. I do this alot. It’s like a sensory overload. My brain and body needed downtime. I know my body did because I’ve had a niggling shoulder injury for a week, which only just seems to have gotten better. Fingers crossed. I am coming through all this now though and starting to plan and schedule my time again.

Vapur bottle review

Arroyo creek 5k recap

10 minute standing chair workout

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Spinning playlist – making you sweat, fitness playlist

IDEA world fitness convention – DAY 1

IDEA world fitness convention – DAY 2

12 minute kettlebell workout

IDEA world fitness convention – DAY 3

IDEA world fitness convention – speeches

IDEA world fitness convention – day 4

Upper body pyramid workout

Review: bear grips


One Little Word 2014 – Thrive

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to include the OLW posts into project life and never got around to it, I wanted to keep it here so it was in my mind and I could reflect on my word each week and how I’d thrived.

  • Yoga – I skipped the week of IDEA but back at it!
  • Making the house a happier environment
  • Getting organized
  • Moving forward with things
  • Treating myself

Blog Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some search terms that people found my blog from, so here are some interesting search stats for the last 7 days:

cookies biscuits in i love you in 150 pixel – no idea what you were looking for really

 polysic kidney di – yes I have polycystic kidney disease, yes I workout still ;)

does trader joes corn pasta have rice flour – they have corn pasta, rice pasta, and quinoa & rice pasta

clean eating for pkd – I plan on being a bigger advocate for PKD than in the past, look for more posts coming on PKD and diet.

pig bobs hugo pon hop hugo – I don’t even know :D

workout seen on facebook.woman using sturofoam plates to.workout – yes styrofoam plates work great on carpet instead of valslides. I might use my valslides in a workout soon!

can you buy les mills directed spin class audio – nope sorry.


More project life every Sunday!


Review: Bear Grips

bear grips 2014 8

If you’ve seen me in the gym lately then you’ll have noticed something different… I’m no longer wearing weight-lifting gloves. Instead I was asked to try these new grips from Bear Grips, they were kind enough to send me a free pair and after a couple of weeks of trying them I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review. I like to really put products through their paces before I recommend them and give my honest opinion and let me tell ya, I am LOVING these things! If you wanted to skip to their website at Bear Grips and buy your own, use the code hickman5 for $5 off your order :)

bear grips 2014 4

I’ve been using gloves to teach BodyPump for a while and own three pairs but I wish I’d gotten these years ago instead! Seriously they are the BOMB! As a vegan I totally LOVE that they are made from silicone, so cruelty free! Which is awesome :) They are very flexible and it’s official I’m in love. I still carry my gloves in my gym bag but they are collecting dust. As I have small hands I ordered the small size and honestly they are PERFECT.

bear grips 2014As you can see all you do is put your three fingers in the holes and push through then the paddle part protects your hands when you lift. As I said I’ve used them for BodyPump, lifting in the gym and at home in my own workouts. I love that for bodypump I can quickly take them on/off as needed. One other thing I LOVE is that cleaning them is also quick and easy, with gloves I generally throw them in the laundry and inevitably end up losing one for a while (like socks they take a while to match up or they get lost in sock heaven!) with these you just wash with soap and water and DONE!

Say good bye to average gloves, and straps and see what you are missing:
   1.No calluses, No blisters, No sweaty hands
   2.Improve hygiene over gloves. Wash with just soap and water
   3.Minimal Coverage. Maximum Grip.

   1. Improve hand and forearm strength
   2. Take stress off your joints
   3. Provide new stimulation to your muscles
   4. Train all angles by evenly distributing weight of hand grip
   5. Grip train through your whole workout
   6. Develop levels of muscle and strength that cannot be duplicated with standard gym gloves or strap

bear grips 2014 3

The don’t just come in black either, you can get pink, blue, or red too! Now I know, I know, I am trying to be all about the color and getting out my comfort zone but I really wanted these to match EVERYTHING I own and the black ones are awesome! They come in four sizes small, medium, large and extra large. I will say that these would be great for those with grip issues too, like arthritis. I know with this type of disease it’s difficult to grip things, especially the bars in the gym and these would definitely help!!!

bear grips 2014 2


If you do want to go grab yourself a pair head on over to and use the code hickman5 for $5 off your order!!!


15 minute upper body pyramid workout

15 minute upper body pyramid workout 20140827 thumbnail

Initially I started this video with 10 reps of everything but knew I wasn’t going to get much completed so I changed it on the fly to a pyramid style workout. That means you either increase or decrease the reps with each set. For this workout we’re going to decrease the reps.

In the workout video I go from 100/10 reps down to 50/50, but feel free to do more depending on how much time you have. If you have another 5 minutes or so just keep going down in the reps till you get to 10/1! Or if you have 30 minutes why not double the workout and duplicate the whole thing, either starting at 100/10 again and working down to 50/5 OR for a more of a challenge start at 50/5 and work up to 100/10 Remember if you want to get the videos straight away subscribe to my youtube channel!  The full video is below: 


Workout Breakdown:

We start this workout with JUMP ROPE for some cardio. I mention in the video but I’d not used this one for the longest time and it was all wrapped up. Not good! Store your jump ropes with no tangles or else it’ll be too kinked to jump with. Which is the problem I had. This one is also a few inches too short for my height. I need to get a new one really. Putting it on my shopping list ;)

15 minute upper body pyramid workout 20140827 jumprope

After the cardio it’s time for strength starting with PUSH UPS. Feet apart, hands little wider than shoulders, spine and neck long. With abs engaged lower the chest so the shoulders are level with the elbows.

15 minute upper body pyramid workout 20140827 push up


This workout is upper body, which means chest, shoulders and tri’s. So I included TRICEP DIPS. Face up on hands and feet, with fingers pointing towards your butt, bend the elbows and lower the butt to the floor, but don’t touch the floor ;)

15 minute upper body pyramid workout 20140827 dips


Finally tricep isolation with SIDE LYING TRICEP PUSH. These are so good for the back of the arms!!! Lying on your side, knees can be bent, put your bottom hand on your top shoulder, and your top hand on the floor near your bottom shoulder, and “Hey macarena!”…. ok not quite it’s complicated to describe the video shows it better. Once you get in position you’re going to push through the hand on the floor and lift your torso up.

15 minute upper body pyramid workout 20140827 tricep pushAgain you can do a set number of reps for everything or do what I did and work down through the reps. That’s always fun to do something different!

Try the workout and let me know what you think in the comments!


IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014 – day 4 closing thoughts

Well I last left my IDEA world fitness convention saga at the opening speeches having covered days 1-3 but this was a four day convention so let’s get  back on track shall we? Sunday morning I woke early to take another session with Amanda Vogel, this time on Seven Mistakes to Avoid in Social media. This lecture was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned so much. Consequently this is why my social media is on a little hiatus while I try to implement some of the things I learned. Not enough hours in the day I tell ya!

ideaworld2014-day4-sm seminar

My final session was Movement Variability – training the human software by Anthony Carey. I swear some of the session titles are crazy! From the session blurb I knew it was about planes of motion and integrated training and it sounded a fun last session, plus honestly it was slim pickings for Sunday morning sessions. I was happy to see some Moorpark College people in this session and after the lecture we got into the workshop portion which was so much fun! I picked up a couple of drills, well more like games that would be great for PE teachers. Like my BFF Julie who started her ‘real job’ this week as a PE teacher.  You can bet your butt I’ll be getting together with her to teach her the games. 

In all I was sad and happy to leave IDEA. I’d learned a lot in those few short days but I was also ready to get home to these faces.

sky-pixel-2014-lake casitas 1

And Bob, yeah I guess him too ;) The dogs were so happy to see me! Sky didn’t stop barking and wagging for about 5 minutes, I actually think she was telling me off! We had our snuggles to catch up in a puppy snuggle puddle then I unpacked and got back to reality. I have to be honest that it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things. I’ve struggled to get back into a routine badly. Those 4 days may not sound like much but it’s been a real shake up to my system being alone, no husband, no dogs, no ‘things’ that need doing (let me tell you that I loved having a maid to make my bed!) just time to do what I want, when I want. No pressures, no dogs barking, no sharing my food (with the dogs, or Bob! lol). After almost 2 weeks back in reality I really feel  a little lost. I know it’ll take some time to process the information but as soon as I do, you better watch out!!!