Review & Giveaway - Fitoby knee sleeve

fitoby knee sleeve review

This is Bob’s training life right now. Well honestly it’s BOTH our training lives right now. We’re both injured. Bob has been struggling training for his triathlon and we both just needed some downtime (hence the vacation last week) where we didn’t think about training, or garmins or have any pressure to compete. We needed some R&R and we took it. However it’s back to reality now which means back to work, home life, and Bob’s triathlon training. It’s funny how shit happens but when I saw the chance to review a knee sleeve by Fitoby I initially thought “heck yeah *I* need one of those for my wonky knee” and signed up. I ordered a medium but it was just slightly too big around the knee. Bummer. Rather than send it back for a smaller size Bob tried it on and BAM perfect fit. Guess it was meant to be that Bob had this knee sleeve, and I simply got back to my consistent daily yoga practice!

fitoby knee sleeve review

So what did we think of the Fitoby knee sleeve? Well we did a video review which you can view on my YouTube channel but all in all Bob found it very comfortable. He said his knee felt supported, and whilst it took him a little time to get used to he could run in it. He did some squats even though we haven’t been working much lower body strength due to his injuries. He commented that the Fitoby knee sleeve felt like he had a bionic knee! Well babe you’ve always been a superhero to me :) So yep we’re ready to rehab and start training again!

So would you like to try a Fitoby knee sleeve for free? Then enter my giveaway below :) The folks at Fitoby are letting me give one lucky blog reader a chance to give their knee protection. I’m using rafflecopter again, just because I like the social media interaction :) I like seeing you all on twitter and facebook, plus it helps spread the word about Fitoby and their great products!

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fitoby knee sleeve review


Even if you don’t win the giveaway, check out fitoby knee sleeves on Amazon, they offer a great product with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review, all opinions are my own (or Bob’s with me reporting his views). Seriously we just keep it real people! We only promote products we use, and like/love. If we don’t like something we’ll tell you so 😉

Keeping dogs seen at night with a lighted collar!

doggy doms LED collar review

Ok so remember a few weeks back I reviewed an LED visibility belt and said that these needed to be made into pet products? As the saying goes “ask and you shall receive” well BAM light up LED dog collar! Guess who got chance to **review one of these? Yeah Pixel did! Ok technically I did, but hey one of us has to think about his safety! As you can see I got him the blue collar because he’s a boy, it’s much paler than I imagined but I like it. The collar does come in SEVEN collar options though so there is one to suit most tastes.

doggy doms LED collar review

The collar also comes in 3 sizes. We got Pixel the large, as he does have a large neck. Maybe we could have been ok with the medium. Pixel as a 20″ neck so he’s smack in the middle of Medium-large. The large fit’s him well though. The black box you see above sewn into the collar is the switch. Click the front once and the collar starts to flash quickly, click again and it flashes slowly and one more click makes it stay lit. A forth click turns it off. So is it visible at night…. proof below:

doggy doms LED collar review

I’d say it’s bright huh? It is tougher to see from the top where there is no light so from behind you can barely tell it’s on. The light up portion of the collar is 10 1/4″ in length (26cm) as they have to allow for the adjustability of the collar. It definitely helped keep us seen at night though!

doggy doms LED collar review

If you are interested in seeing some video of the LED dog collar in action I figured I’d do a little video because photo’s aren’t going to do this collar justice at all. The video is below and you can see more videos on my YouTube channel, remember to like and subscribe!

All in all a great product and something we used on our RV trip. LED lights last a long time too. One thing I liked is that Doggy Dom’s who make the collar are obviously dog lovers. Not only do they make a great product but they include a dog biscuit in the package! Little touches of customer service like this really go a long way.

doggy doms LED collar review


**I received this product in exchange for a review, all opinions expressed are my own. I tell it like it is!

Quick hair drying solutions for long hair

haira hair towel review

In my quest for getting more done in less time, improving my skincare and generally trying to be more “girly” I bring you the Haira microfiber hair drying towel wrap. Now you may be asking yourself “Di, why do you need a microfiber hair drying towel wrap?” well let me tell you. I spend a great deal of time having showers. One of the ‘perks’ of having a career in fitness is that I end up taking a shit load of showers. Which is one reason I’m trying to streamline the process. Also my hair is getting long again, and whilst I fight the urge to chop it off I’m sporting a LONG ass pony tail right now, and it doesn’t all fit in a regular hand towel on my head.

haira hair towel review

Yes the solution could be to use a bath towel but that means then I have  MASSIVE towel on my head and I’m using another big towel, more laundry and we’re in an extreme drought. So Haira gave me the chance to get this microfiber towel in exchange for a review and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new. So after I spent a minute figuring out what to do with this towel I took a shower and tried it out.

haira hair towel review

Doing the usual lean over, wrap and tuck method except this time you wrap the elastic around the button at the back of the head wrap, securing the wrap in place. Guess what? All my hair was contained, and nothing escaped. I walked around the house and it didn’t move. Plus I managed to apply body oil without it falling off my head. So far it’s above and beyond a towel!

haira hair towel review

Now do you NEED one? Not really, but they are certainly very cool to use and honestly it did speed up my hair drying time because in the few minutes I applied body oil the microfiber had wicked away a lot of the hair moisture. If you have LONG hair  like me this is a great thing to have, and it’ll be great to use at the gym!

As part of the package you get a free headband. I admit I wasn’t sure which way around this should go but I’m opting with velcro at the front as it’s easier to put on 😉 The headband kept my hair off my face great. Perfect for applying make-up or giving yourself a facial!

haira hair towel review

I will say too that if you have a daughter, wife, sister etc that hair long hair and gets tired of the towel flopping this would be a great stocking stuffer! All in all I was super happy I opted to review this hair towel. It’s a great product if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom with your hair in a towel and get sick and tired of the towels not being big enough to secure your hair, without them being too bulky that you crick your neck trying to keep it in place.  There will be more health, skincare and beauty reviews coming as I move into a new phase of my life. I’m embracing my inner Barbie, deal with it!


Remember the days before treadmills?


I think we all do right? Not only is getting outside is healthier for us but it helps us to reconnect with our community, and our planet. No scheduled workout this week because we are doing just this. We are getting outside. So should you! Go walk the dog. Rather than take the car, WALK to the shops. I know it sounds like a foreign concept. Instead of running on a treadmill, run at the park.

Don’t complain you can’t afford a gym, the world is your gym. The pavement is your treadmill. The road is . . . click here to read more about Remember the days before treadmills?

Natural Skin Care - Rosehip seed oil

I think it’s about time to face the fact that I neglected my skin for a good many years and now I’m paying the price with dry skin. I remember in my teens and twenties my skin was so oily, now it’s so dry it’s like a damn desert. I’m guessing it doesn’t help that we LIVE in a desert climate either. About a month ago I decided enough was enough and time to rehydrate my skin and start taking better care of myself. This meant scouring the internet, which inevitably ended up with me on youtube . . . click here to read more about Natural Skin Care – Rosehip seed oil

Meatless Monday: Trader Joes Vegan Tikka Masala

Through the magic of the internet and wordpress I am blogging into the future. Saying I scheduled this post last week just doesn’t sound as fun does it? So as I’ll be off enjoying some Southern California scenery I’m going to review this Vegan Tikka Masala from Trader Joes, plus give you the grocery shopping low down from last week (scroll down, really far down!). Before I was vegan I was vegetarian, for 20 years, and I used to like the paneer tikka masala from Trader Joes. It was similar to Shahi Paneer that we’d order at Indian . . . click here to read more about Meatless Monday: Trader Joes Vegan Tikka Masala

No more oven burns with Silicone cooking gloves!

I am officially on vacation so welcome to a blog post I prepared earlier (bonus points for the TV show reference). Today I’m going to post about these silicone cooking gloves by Amish Kitchen. I’m a  BIG fan of silicone in the kitchen, I have some bakeware and some cupcake liners (yes I eat cupcakes occasionally!) and Bob has some silicone gloves for beer making however the kitchen was glove-less. Enter Amish Silicone baking gloves!

As you can see I was happy to finally have my own pair of silicone baking gloves for the . . . click here to read more about No more oven burns with Silicone cooking gloves!

Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve Review & Giveaway!

So I’ve been plagued with injuries over the last month. Usually this means I need a vacation, a break from my routine workouts. So thank heavens we’re headed off for a week soon! Injuries over the last month have included right ankle, left knee, left shoulder and now left elbow. Honestly pain in my left elbow is something I deal with every few months and usually the same time as my shoulder because I’m compensating with my arm and making my arm do the work. More proof that REST is the best medicine. Until rest though comes . . . click here to read more about Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve Review & Giveaway!

Simplify your beauty routine with fractionated coconut oil

Since becoming vegan, and especially since doing more yoga teacher training I’ve become increasingly interested is switching my skincare products to more natural based products. Not only that but products that aren’t tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. As such I switched to using coconut oil from Trader Joes as a make-up remover. It works great BUT in cold temperatures it’s solid, plus it’s a pain to get out of the jar, and the jar is glass and I’ve already broken one accidentally flicking it on the floor. Not good! So when I got chance to . . . click here to read more about Simplify your beauty routine with fractionated coconut oil

Making easy salads with a Julienne vegetable Peeler

New kitchen tool alert! Yep I know I’ve been spending a LOT of time in the kitchen lately huh? Well that means I get to try out new tools like this Julienne Vegetable peeler by Pridebit. I was sent this product in exchange for a review and as I’m ALL about BIG salads this is a perfect tool for me to try out right? Firstly this product comes in a box, so you know it’s not cheap junk, and from an environmental aspect I appreciated that it was in cardboard and not clamshell plastic.

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